XR400 stock baffle length anyone?

Hi guys, the baffle in my xr250 is really stuck in there and I don't want to do drilling as I figured if I ever get derego'd I will keep the original muffler,
I ended up purchasing the xr400 spark arrestor (I know I will need to modify the holes but I am guessing it will breathe better as its longer?) my issue is it doesn't come with a baffle and its longer so I have no idea what size pipe I can get made up at an exhaust shop, I found the size suggestion on one of the threads was 34mm outside diameter and 24mm inside diameter and I am thinking stainless steel for durability and I will also be going for a 280kit eventually in the future so I would like to keep the pipe too, I did all the other mods to uncork and will be rejetting to 135/48 after this so if someone could please get the length of the xr400 baffle for me and possibly any suggestions on how I should go about the insert for it I am all ears :)
Do you guys think the inside diameter will be right? and would it be getting the right amount of air exiting with this setup?

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Does this help?

Not really :/ I will have the spark arrestor part in a few days time I mean the baffle removable insert in the 96 version because I want to cut a pipe for it instead of the baffle or a vw tip

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