97 xr200 head gasket

Need a bit of advice here chaps if you could,

My daughters 1997 xr200r has done one season of trail riding on a rebuilt engine and the head gasket is weeping oil out of the right hand side already,

When I do the head gasket again are there any tricks to make it last longer ? I thought i would use a Honda head gasket and get the barrel & head faced,

Any advice would be welcome as I don't fancy replacing the head gasket every winter.

thanks in advance


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I've rebuilt a couple engines and have always used the oem Honda head and base gaskets with no leakage issues. Use a flat edge to check cylinder and head before spending money on getting machine work done could be an easy fix with proper gaskets and proper torque setting.

Thanks for that, just what I needed to know, I will try and get her through the season as it is an "engine out" repair & I have just finished a winter rebuild on my XR250R and really don't need another tear down/rebuild project at the moment.

Sounds like an OE head gasket, base gasket and a set of rings for good luck.


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