Any personal reviews on the new 18' gasgas ec 300?

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On 8/14/2017 at 4:28 AM, Lennie said:

Seen a few new gas gas here in the uk, I was on the same minute as one at a recent enduro, the rider was kick starting it, asked why and he said the starter broke after 5 rides. he said the suspension was awesome brilliant bike apart from the starter.

Well it's the same basic design as the 16 ktm and earlier 2 stroke so it's not a big surprise.. but I'm figuring the price offsetts a little.. It's still a new developing bike just a year in.. the 17 gasgas was really the 15 with red plastics.. it did look nice though. The newest really look like ktm's. Honestly I'd rather have a 2013 300rr Beta than the newest gasgas. Actually I'd buy a used Beta 2 stroke 300rr that costs probably half what a new Beta, ktm, husky whatever. Lots of times I'm seeing some tricked out used Betas with lots of goodies maybe worth a grand or 2 more added on that I'd still end up adding  to a brand new Beta.. or whatever brand new 2 stroke 300 enduro. Beta is generally the same bike as 2013 but with normal refinement type upgrades.  Now ktm and husky for 2017 match up to Beta maybe a hair better if guys think the counterbalancer is worth it.. but it's evened out to me as Beta still has lower seat height.  Still when I see what's available now I think the natural thing would be to buy a used 2t enduro Beta for half the price . That's the smart play. If buying new? I'd still go Beta.. get the 6 month warranty and buy a kick start to put on a new Beta. It still ends up being cheaper than a ktm or husky from what I've seen.. but idk. The used market is where I'd go...and hopefully find a well taken care of used bike with all the guards on and maybe some upgrades.

Here's an example.. I'd jump on this before buying a brand new ktm, husky, sherco, gasgas etc etc.. and I'd still do some upgrades just because I'd save money from buying brand new. A bike like this new with all the mods on it would go about twice the price of this new. .. as an example.. Plus this is a best offer so the price is lower.. how much lower? idk but still it's a great price to me.. Others probably have better deals too but Hawaii has high shipping costs so it's usually more expensive here than other places..



elling trail ready 2014 BETA 250RR . It has all the protection you need for trail riding ( too much to list) , Tubliss rear tire setup, electric start , litium battery , recently greased and serviced by Tuffcote Racing, new trials rear tire and new front tire. Selling to buy trials bike. Call or text Shane 478-7579. Asking $6200 or best offer.



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I was just looking at preowned Betas on the Betausa website.. Got some great bikes at great prices if one doesn't want to buy brand new.. This one is awesome for example.. No way would I buy a brand new bike of any brand if this was anywhere near me.. It's actually a brand new bike anyway..but tricked out.. a race edition is trick from the factory anyway..




2016 Beta 300rr Race Edition

159 miles

Better Than Showroom Condition – Truly a Showcase Bike for Beta, $1700.00 in aftermarket Accessories.  If interested, I can send list of Accessories and pricing.

All Services performed by Dealer and tuned to perfection!  This bike is absolutely awesome.

sgiarraputo@msn.com   (link sends e-mail)Lee’s Summit, Missouri, 816-803-0039

$8900.00 Firm


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