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Grey oil 2008 yz250f

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I am getting a greyish oil color in my oil. I know that usually with head gasket its milky color on cars but doesnt really look that milky. I read it might be from the clutch. All the post i have searched usually has no pics to confirm if mine is the same color. I just got the bike and this was the first oil change. I did drain and fill coolant and took it riding for a day at the track/trails. I did lose a little coolant but i also did overfill it. The coolant is sitting right above the fins after the day of riding and a few riding trips. Also not sure if this matters but the bike did get laid down twice while riding not sure if a little coolant could have came out the overflow hose during that time.

I cannot get pic to upload so here is a link to it. I will try again later to get it to upload directly in here.



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It seems to usually be the problem on bikes with just 1 oil resevoir. You should try replacing those first before the head gasket. 

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