Which OEM Throttle Cable?

2003 KLX400R/400E with OEM Flat CR Carb. Suzuki lists two possible part numbers but there's no description (beyond "Throttle Cable") to assist in making the decision.

58301-29F01 or 58301-29F11

Kawasaki notes the part number as 54012-S011

I don't want to assume that since the Kawasaki part number ends in "11", and there is a Suzuki part that also ends in "11" that they must be the same.

Anybody know the difference - and which is correct?

Suzuki lists it as 2 possible part numbers because there are 2 cables

Kawasaki lists it as 1 part number for both cables

Look at the model closer. The California E-33 had the CV carb like the S and is p/n F11. You want F01 for the FCR equiped bike.


The dual cables are sold as 1 piece


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