Dice Ride and Raffle update: Thanks Venture General !

Dice Ride and Raffle Update for the charity ride on Sept 15 and 16
WOW! Venture General Contractors just donated $2500.
If you are in need of their services please give them a shot at earning your business. 
Venture is a full-service general contractor with a diverse portfolio of projects and clients. We provide comprehensive construction services for commercial, multi-family residential, and hospitality projects. We excel at sensitive historic renovations and cutting-edge tenant improvements. Venture expertise spans design-build, pre-construction, program management, and sustainable construction. Across all services, our approach is collaborative, fostering communication among our team members, subcontractors, and project stakeholders
www.ventureseattle.com ph:206-852-4500


Fantastic, and a big thanks to Venture!

12 hours ago, TigerTanker said:

Fantastic, and a big thanks to Venture!

Received another donation today for $3k. Person wants to remain anonymous. This is getting exciting !  Pre pays are up over 100% compared to last year

U are hitting your stride and you're  getting momentum  

Where's the next ride?

Wow  Russ  That awesome!  Trying to get up there for the Sat rides and music and food and......

23 minutes ago, cougbike said:

Wow  Russ  That awesome!  Trying to get up there for the Sat rides and music and food and......

Hope you can make it.  I have a 35,30,10 and 15 mile bike loops. All of them are great and in excellent condition. Just a bit of rocky 4 x 4 road to connect but not bad.

I just received another $500 donation from Chase Engineering to sponsor a trail.

19 hours ago, dirtbikesonny said:

Where's the next ride?

Sept 15 and 16 . Go to www.offroadridersforveterans.com for the details



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