If you have the chance, whats the best way to fall off a dirt bike?

Especially when you fall over handle bars/ down hill.

The best way is to do it without hurting yourself.  Every time I've taken a bad fall it was instant and sudden, it happens and you may or may not get hurt. 

You very rarely get a choice in the matter once the crash happens. Ideally, you would land in a foam pit or on the back seat of the guy in front of you, with style.

9 minutes ago, William1 said:

You very rarely get a choice in the matter once the crash happens. Ideally, you would land in a foam pit or on the back seat of the guy in front of you, with style.

Hey, can we start the tuck and roll argument again?  It's been awhile. :lol:

It's easy don't fall :ride:

Lay the bike down nice and easy to the left without your leg getting caught under it

Will ask my wife. She falls practically all day long. Seldom bruised, never broken. Bahaha. So glad she doesn't have a TT account.

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Every situation is different and most are unexpected. Stay alert and know your limits and don't be afraid. Many of my crashes have been from going to slow and using the brake when I should have been twisting my right hand. Ride the bike, don't let it ride you!

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Dont go over handlebars down hill! Only proper execution of this I have ever witnessed was my 300# cousin doing a perfect front flip and landing on his feet after hitting a snowbank downhill at about 45mph... was epic. Other than that. Stand up, lean back, Keep your feet on the pegs and two fingers on brake and clutch. Stay in control, id yoi cant reach your controls, you cant be in control. Stand up, feet on pegs, you can literally ride the nastiest shit thrown at you when you have confidence in yourself and ride this way. Did i mention to keep your feet on the pegs... the feet on pegs conrrol the bike as much as throttle and the handlebars. I know there are a lot of foot planting sitters out there but this is my 2cents.


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I have a log I jump that is at the rim of a hill. I jump it and land on the downhill slope, maybe 30deg steep. I have done this a hundred times but this one day my front tire landed close to an "S" shaped stick about 1.5" dia and 2' long, in my mind I was going "whew, near miss", but as I was thinking that the stick had flipped up into my spokes. About 3 feet later my front locked and my bike ejected me over the bars. I landed on my hydro pack and didn't get hurt, but it was all too fast. I had no time to think tuck and roll.

The worst part for me was the 10 minute fight to get that stick untangled from my forks and spokes.

In general if I know I'm going down and its not so fast I don't know what's happening, I jump off the bike and try to land on my feet or worst case, tuck and roll.

I've never gone over the handle bars going down hill (worst case its off the back and let the bike go) but if I did, it would be a STEEP downhill and I'd just vault it and hope the bike bounces over my head :)


Bail gracefully

Learn gymnastics :cripple:

We get a choice in how we fall?  Wish I had known that years ago. :( 

Sometimes it happens so fast you don't have time to make a decision. That's not always a bad thing. I learned from experience that the reflex action of sticking an arm out to break a fall can result in a break.

Going fast - good luck

Going moderate speed - Do what ever you can to keep the bike between you and whatever is going cause the abrupt stop i.e. Tree, Car, Train..., may not apply in all situations

Going slow - Don't try to save the bike, let it go

I may age my reflexes are piss poor so I just hope for the best

The few falls I've had I try to get: #1 away from the bike; #2 slide on the most protected part of my body. Usally that's the helmet or the thigh.

And before the pain kicks in(if any), I get the bike upright so it won't flood out. After that, I lay on the ground feeling stupid.

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Low side, i.e. - the side closest to the ground, if you have time try to distribute inpact over multiple points.... but usually my big ones were always complete yardsales...

If going over the bars going down hill there is a sweet spot where the foot pegs are nearing level with the handlebars where you can jump over the front of the bike and not trip over the handlebars. On landing keep running because the bike is going to chase you. 

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