Lowering CRF450R 2007

I will be lowering my CRF450R with the -1.25" lowering link and a front fork mod to shorten the front 1.25".


I am 5' 7" with 28" inseam, so it is a little difficult getting on and off a 37.8" seat


Has anyone done this and how did it affect the ride?


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I'm 5'5" on my tallest day; I bought a lowering link which, thus far, has worked well on my 450 (2016). I bought it via ebay through a company called linksdistribution.

Installation and adjustment are both easy, and there is room for play on this lowering link. I have not lowered the front forks, and I don't think I will. The bike rides fine and as I have asked other, more knowledgeable people their advice (on whether or not I should lower the front) they tell me it looks fine: basically, if it is "working for you, leave it be". My adjustment on the link is about halfway down (or up, I suppose) the threads; I probably need to lower it more (for at least a tip-toe feel) but then I would most certainly have to lower the front.

Bottom line is, for the money it works just fine and in my opinion is a decent lowering link. But there are many out there and available, so pick the one which might work best for you.



Lowering Lonk 2017 CRF450 R.jpg

Who all makes a lowering link for these bikes?  I'm 5' 10" but have a 28" inseam too.

Why not just raise the forks in the triple to get your balance right?

You can only raise them so far, I will probably put a 1" spacer in my front forks, like I did on my KX500.
Devol Lowering Linkage Arm can be found on Rocky Mountain ATV, it drops the bike 1.25".
I just machined the dog bone on my KX500, but there is not enough meat on the CRF450R link to move it the desired 5mm.

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2 hours ago, Elias B Story said:

Or the Kouba Link

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I got the Kouba Link for my wife's Beta. It's an excellent product. I love the grease fitting on it. Very well made.

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