Help with 87 husky 500

Just picked up a 87 husky 500 and cannot get it to idle down, I have went through and unplugged the Jets and cleaned the carb it fires right up, but goes into a  high idle about 3/4 wide open it seems  the Jets are the right size for my elevation, anybody have any suggestions before it goes to the shop, should I go through the carb agian or am I just missing something 


how do the boots look ?

possible air leak ?


You need to replace the crank seals, reed petals and reed cage if hammered, and replace the carb's emulsion tube and air screw oring. That will make it all air tight again.

First thing id do is check throttle cable issues 

+1 for what all of those guys before me said.  First off I would check for throttle cable/throttle slide hanging issues.  Then I would check the air boots from the air box to the carb and from the carb to the engine for cracks/air leaks.  Then I would inspect the gasket on the air boot interface on the cylinder along with the reeds and the reed cadge.  It sounds like you have an air leak or a throttle slide that is not returning to the idle position properly. 

Alright I'll tear back into it  I know the slide is returning all the way down can feel it hit the  idle screw, and the throttle is slide move smooth the bike appears to be in good shape, it was last stickered 97 don't think it's been run much sense then, it has had the water pump done and the recall for the magnesium cover replaced and all the gaskets look decent besides a little cracking  on the carb boot that I threw some sealer on. I'll see what I find I've worked on tons of two strokes and this one just has me stumped at this point i have to be overlooking something somewhere


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