2000 yz250 rear shock

Hey guys, i have a 2000 yz250 that im having trouble with. I took my bike to the track a couple weeks ago and all was well. Its a small track, nothing major. No big jumps. The other day, i wanted to start my bike just to let it run. When i sat on it, it was like sitting on rock. There was no sag in the suspension. It was just stiff and would not move the slightest bit up or down. It seemed as if the rear shock was completley locked up. Any ideas? Thank you for your help!

My brothers 99 had a bolt seize kinda the same way, one weekend was good, next was a rock! I hope you have a million responses! My bike is identical to yours!

Make sure that your rebound clicker on the shock isn't turned all the way in. If it is .......this will make the shock feel as if you are just sitting on a board.......STIFFF.

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Make sure you didn't get a rock stuck in the linkage. Other than that, rebuild or it have it Rebuilt. 

If it was ok when you parked it, my moneys on a seized linkage bearing.

If it was a bent/seized shock it would've done it while riding not after sitting.

I second the linkage bearings. Remove the shock and lift swingarm up and down.

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Thank you for responding so quick guys^ i will keep you all updated!

Linkage bearings and swingarm bearings most likely seen this million times. Bet if you go jump it few times it be better.  But not fixed 

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