What cam setup is in my bike.

Ok so I just picked up a project bike 2007 crf450r. The bike was making a nasty clanking noise when idling, so I figured maybe the cam chain tensioner had malfunctioned and the timing skipped a tooth or so. Well Ive takin it down to the crankshaft and I've found a few things that need addressed. One of the valve keepers was not all the way on keeping the intake valve from seating properly. So I addressed that and found that the cam chain guide at the crank shaft is somehow bent so as to allow the chain to slide off the sprocket of the crankshaft. 

With all that being said, I'm wondering what cam I have in this thing. Cuz when I look up the drawings for the parts on the 2007, it shows a different decompression assembly that I don't have on my cam. And I wanna make certain I'm not missing anything for the bike to be able to run smooth. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated 





Those arent all the parts. Im assuming you didnt take pictures of everything. Because without the decompressor, you'll break the kicker off, sooner rather than later. But that decompressor shaft is the right one for that bike/engine. Should a pin that runs in the hole in the cam that is operated by that shaft and the centrifugal weight that runs on the outside of the cam. And the little spring that reactivates it when the engine is stopped.

Did the sprocket side look like this?


 OK so on the sprocket side it looks like I have everything, check out the picture. 

is there something missing on the opposite side of the cam that should be there.  


 OK so on the sprocket side it looks like I have everything. check out the picture is there something missing on the opposite side of the camp but should be there.  

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As long as you have #29, properly interfaced with #28, so when the weight moves back to the center from the spring, that the decompressor pin extends and hits the exhaust rocker, you've got a it all. Getting the weight properly set upon the pin for the shaft can be a little tedious the first time. It's not hard, its just fiddly the first time you do it.


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