Why do my rims have 2 valve stems

When I went to fill up my tires I noticed that there were two valve stems why does it have two and which one do I fill up

Are you sure it's not a bead lock and a valve stem? Those two look pretty close to each other from a distance... 

What Monk said.

Could be tubliss?

Unless it has a Tubliss installed, then it would have two valve stems.

Check the air pressure in the two stems, if one is really high, like 100 psi, you probably have a tubliss

I'd guess it's the rim lock. Look up your specific bike tire and find out if it is tubeless, or it might be the rim lock.

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If they are both really valve stems the one that looks normal sized is the tubliss rude and the big one is the tire pressure. Inflate the small one to 100-100 psi and the big one to 6-12 psi.

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