Help clutch/shifting problem

Okay i have a 1994 KTM 250 EXC my clutch works perfect when shifting but if the bike is stationary and off when I am in gear and pull the clutch the bike won't move it works fine when it is running but if I went to bump start it or even just push it around without having to be in nuteral it won't work any suggestions? 

Perfectly normal.  Put it into neutral before pushing it around.  Simple.

Most when bump starting have it in neutral then when at speed pop in into second and dump the clutch at the same time you plop all your weight on the rear of the seat.

I have bee putting it into nuteral I was just curious if there was a solution to this and what was wrong with it if anything. 

You can check your clutch plates. If they are warped it will be worse. A notched up basket will do that also.  Make sure to use a light weight synthetic oil for best results.

Which I oil would u recommend? 

change your trans oil ! use a non synthetic it will have less grab

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