Boyesen Quickshot2

Just rebuild carb in my 2007 CRF250R. New jets , acc pump , extended fuel screw and also added Boyesen Quickshot 2. Set the acc pump just right and have the fuel screw at 2 1/4. Bike does run better then before but still has the damn bog. I have had the carb apart 3 times on and off the bike and I find any issues. It seems to be a lean bog. Ready to throw the bike off a cliff.

Any suggestions ?

Wish I never opened the Quickshot 2 and just sent it back for a 3 ...

I have installed a QS3 before. Does the QS 2 have an adjustable leak jet screw?

10% of the bog can come from a lean pilot fuel screw, so make sure you have that set up properly:


Make sure you have your AP timing correct:



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