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2016- 350 EXC Coolant Overflow Issues

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Hey Guys... I need a little help.  I damaged my waterpump on my last ride so i replaced it with the Boyesen Supercooler.  I also switched out the hoses to Samco with thermostat delete.  I filled the bike up to the required level and it is now constantly overflowing. I read thru the technical manual and couldn't find anything about bleeding the system.  Any ideas??? Maybe air stuck in the system?  I haven't taken the bike on a big ride since.  Just warmed it up a couple times and rode around the neighborhood.  Each time (3) it began flowing out of the overflow.  



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I has a customer come in once after they did a new clutch and water pump, with this same type of issue. Proper level of coolant, but it leaked. I'm not sure if yours is a similar design, but when they put the seals back in (one was to keep oil in the engine, and one to keep coolant in the water pump), they put the water pump one in backwards. The lip of the seal with the spring had to face fluid. They put both seals facing the engine, but the outer water pump seal has to be opposite. There is actually a "dry" chamber on the water pump shaft. His coolant was leaking from outside, into that chamber, then out the bottom of a relief hole. Again, not sure if we're talking same leak, or Same design. The way I found it was putting a florescent cooling system dye in it, ran it, then got a back light and yellow inspection goggles, and it showed its face quick.

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