DRC Tail Lights and Free Power Mod

Hi Brain Trust

A couple of Questions about power, did a search but couldn't find anything

Does anyone know what a DRZ has to spare watt wise in Standard Trim ?

And after The Free Power Mod has been done

Also how many watts does a DRC Edge 2 Tail light draw, there web site is useless.

One more thing, how many watts is a standard DRZ tail light

Thanks all






The DRZ has a 200 watt system. The biggest draw comes from the headlight at 55/65 watts. I believe that the tail light (going from memory here) is 6/21 (6w for the tail light and 21 with the brake applied). Mathematically Suzuki probably designed the system to have 50% reserve (100w nominal and another 100w to charge the battery and operate an accessory) but in reality a safe reserve capacity is probably closer to 50-60 watts.

I like the drc, here how it looks

Free power mod does not make any additional power.  It just makes better use of what is there and wastes less power by eliminating high resistance connections.  Any wire that gets hot when it is not suppose to be hot is a waste of power.

The DRC tail/brake light is LED so it uses significantly less power than the original incandescent bulb.  I don't know the power use exactly but you could use half the original wattage and be on the safe side power use for calculations.

Think carefully before going the DRC route.....mine doesn't put out anywhere near the same light/awareness level that the stock one did. In fact if I rode much street at all I would get a MUCH brighter stop lamp.

15 hours ago, shuswap1 said:

Think carefully before going the DRC route

That boat has already sailed, it was on the bike when I got it, Thanks for the advise, they are pretty small but I ride mostly Off Road so not really an issue.


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