Edelbrock tuning, please help,NOW WITH DYNOJET! last page=)

Installed my Edelbrock carb this weekend,

had some problems with getting it into the mainfold etc,but thats solved,

after everything was installed i went for a test ride.

the bike started wery easy,so far sooooo god :)

and the bike went mutch smoother.

tried to make a wheelie, 1st gear, nearly didnt work :D

2nd gear, didnt work at all :D

stopped, and tried to adjust the red knob under the tank, nearly brake my fingers :D, made it a little richer, and went out for a test ride again, now i had more power and was able to do a wheelie on the 2nd gear. but i still miss the power from the stock carb,

i read someting about an enricher lever on the carb, but i cant find it, is there supposed to be one on the carb, the enricher that i use with the throttle works fine.

anywone have any tuning tips that would be gr8.

my bike have the big-gun race system and open airbox with a high flow filter,

is there anywone that have a similar setup on the bike that can give me som tips on how many clips(from what position) the needle should be on?

when the edelbrock is correctly tuned should it give more hp than the stock carb?

sorry for the bad english,

/Sweden Brp Lover :D

Pleeeaze Pleeeaze Pleeeaze Pleeeaze Pleeeaze :D:):D :D

I don't think there is an enrichener. I couldn't find one on mine either. Are you holding the throttle wide open to adjust the needle? The carbs come pretty close to being tuned so you shouldn't have to do much. Set the idle and adjust the needle a little. I think the carb comes tuned for an uncorked bike.

the bike runs fine, but i dont get the same power as i got with the stock carb :D

i know how to tune it and so on,(but because of my girlfriend my time is limited with the bike :D, thats why i wanted to know if you had any useful experience :D)

did you get more power after installing the edelbrock or less than the stock carb?,

thanx :)

It feels like I got a little more power in the mid range. It's definitely not slower than the stock carb. The biggest difference is the bike not flooding.

You were given two extra needles with the carb. One is to run the bike leaner (fuel economy) and the other will run it richer (the stuff wheelies are made of). It comes stock with the middle performance needle installed.

The enricher lever is only on the ATV models of the carb not the dirt bike models.


I’m going to say something that may help but it’s also a question b/c I didn’t get it perfect the one real ride I had on it since my installation. I need to adjust it when I get home in April but have put off asking about it incase I needed to check something and getting back with ya’ll.

What to Expect:

I have a similar setup, Big Gun Race system and uncorked everywhere else and I noticed an excellent increase in power from my stock carb with 175 68s jets…but where I noticed it most was low end…the wheelie popping range! The original loss I attribute to the high flow of the Big Gun decreasing back pressure and low end but I feel the Edelbrock really helped out and wheeling in 1st, 2nd, is w/out a problem. This was with first installation and testing the needle height left or right 1 ½ turns but didn’t require any more than that! Since I was told to just put it on and try as sent from Barnum’s I didn’t bother with swapping the needle so not sure which one came in it.

My Current Problem and Maybe Yours Too:

(DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING UNTIL YOU GET SOMEONE TO ADVISE HOW AND TO VARIFY IF IT IS ACTUAL CAUSE because I don’t know what to do and need someone to tell how?)

After having it running well and taking it to ride I noticed a little fuel dripping slowly from the bottom of the bowl right next to a screw on the bottom right side. Well since on the stock carb that’s the bowl drain screw the idiot that I am proceeded to tighten it thinking it’d be reason of possible drip. It did take a handful of turns to get in but I didn’t know how much…Well it didn’t run right. And after digging out my paperwork I saw it’s the accelerator pump adjustor screw. I tried to set it back but didn’t know where it was and each way makes it do fishy things and the way the manual says is to test under a load and not in neutral?

Where it MAY Apply to You DwD: With the accelerator pump adjusted wrong it didn't have the throttle response so didn’t have the kick for popping a wheelie. I did get it close before my ride but not perfect and judging from my mishap it was probably dead on before I messed with it.


When I’m back in the US and have the bike in front of me I was going to ask and probably give Mr. Barnum a call but since it sounded similar I thought I’d ask now as well b/c it could be something DwD could check as well?

Thank ya'll in advance for any help



You should contact Rob Barnum at Rob@barnumspro.com for more detailed information and questions about adjusting the carb.

He races our bike, and has worked for Edelbrock developing that carbuerator. He is a very nice guy-and he is freinds with Annie the Rally Princess from Sweeden-

Here are some other things to consider-

For sure the carburetor needle jet adjustment should be good from the factory (that means the red button on top)--but if you want to adjust it-try a range from 14-18 klicks. Make sure you have the throttle held wide open when you are adjusting it.

The issue of trouble doing wheelies says to me the pumper is not correctly adjusted. In fact it is most likely giving TOO MUCH fuel--that is pumping to much. Of course it could also be that it is not pumping enough. WIth the carburetor out of the manifold you can turn the throttle and look inside the body to see the gasoline 'pump' in little squirts-a squirt is like an ejaculation for you non-english speakers...anyway-try adjusting the pumper for better off-idle response. That is one of the nice advantages with the edelbrock carb-it will not hesitate off the idle at all, unlike the Kiehin that has a hiccup.

For sure the edelbrock should give the bike a feeling of quicker response, and so better wheelies.

You should also get better starting, better economy (if the carberator is adjusted correctly), and the bike will not flood when you crash.

The adjustment of the carberator is a very very very easy thing to learn.

Just curious: Why are there so many good desert racers from Sweeden?!! :)

the accelarator pump is adjusted with a screw on the right side (bottom of the float bowl)... you should adjusted 1/4 turn in or out at a time. If you need expert advice call Rob Barnum, he is the man. his web link is here on TT. :)


I had the same experience when I first rode my Edelbrock equipped BRP. In fact I was pretty disappointed, it felt like the bike lost some serious bottom end power on the first ride.

The first thing I did was to check the sparkplug. This you need to do. It will tell you which way to adjust the needle. My plug was pretty grey/ash colored. So I knew to adjust the needle richer. Also one thing I noticed also was the twist of the grip needed to get the carb to full throttle seems to be a little farther than stock. So it takes a little more twisting to get to full throttle.

Thanx guys, i knew i could count on this forum.

Old_Man_Time:should i change to the larger needle then? isnt the larger needle to large for my setup?

J_T: i havent seen any dripping from the accelerator pump adjustor screw, :D will check that out, will probably send an e-mail to Rob, i can post my answer here

irondude:when you say 14-18 clicks, do you mean from the leanest position? i think i have made it to rich now, will try to set it back a little and carefully increase/decrease the pumper screw, "ejaculation" sound like something out of a poorn movie :D, will try to adjust it before i take it loose from the intake, it was hard to get it there from the first place.

havent seen any deserts in sweden so i dont know why there are good racers out here =) but there are alot of pretty girls here :)

jaybob: did you get it right after you adjusted it?

when i read the threads in this forum i see alot of guys that are running the stock carb with smaller setup ie 175/68s, i run at 195/70s needle(b53e)3d position, and that work gr8 on the stock carb.

but the edelbrock has so many more advantages, thats why i wanted that one, and the roumors that it have a little more power. :D

thanx again guys!! :D would buy all of you a beer if you come to Stockholm! :usa:

Old_Man_Time:should i change to the larger needle then? isnt the larger needle to large for my setup?

Jaybob did you get it right after you adjusted it?

i run at 195/70s needle(b53e)3d position, and that work gr8 on the stock carb.

Belive it or not that was on my first test ride through the neighborhood last night. I had to put it away because the police were looking for me cause my bike is off-road only. I have made my first adjustments and have not had a chance to test it again.

It would seem that if you are running 195 w/70s you might need to go to the next bigger needle. If you have the current needle at full rich and you are still getting a lean color from the plug and a hesitation at full throttle then That would make sense also.

Have you checked your plug color? I know that it is not as good as dyno tuning to determine your jetting but it will get you pretty good.

DwD, I guess I should clarify...The slight dripping of fuel in my case was not related...I mentioned it as my poor excuse for screwing with the accelerator pump adjustment. But I would be grateful if you did post Rob's response to a call or email.

I thought I have seen on a post before I got my edelbrock about what to look for in adjusting the pump...the signs and symptoms of it being out of adjustment and what tells you to ajust in which direction? But I can't seem to find it in searching. Then again if you search for, edelbrock, accelerator pump, and/or adjust. you get tons of responses that don't apply and couldn't find one that fit what I was asking. It may have been on a different group? Oh well... if someone knows off the top of their head I'd be grateful!

Thanks Ya'll



I see a lot of, "Call (ask) Rob Barnum…" your question concerning engines, suspension, Baja, lighting, tires, Edelbrock carbs, and much much more...! I wonder if he'd be interested in setting up a “sticky” post or forum where we could post a question that couldn't be answered from everyone else. That way he wouldn't get a bunch of calls or emails about the same question where he'd give the same answer, and then he could answer them on his own time instead of business hours? I don't know how many he gets and he sounds like a real nice guy...but I hate to bother the poor guy with my piddly problems b/c I was a duffus and screwed it up...after all he is trying to run a business.

For sure Rob doesnt mind...and for sure he has gotten some incredibly odd questions!


Go left (counterclockwise) until its tight-then back it out to 17 clicks and see how you are. That should have you close.

Follow Rudy's advice on the pumper adjustment...i would bet money thats all you have to do...you can start the bike, and just adjust it while the motor is going--the trick is to have INSTANT response from off-idle to 1/8th idle--when you have that-the pumper is set right. Then you can wheelie in 3rd!

BUT if theres more to it-like ya need a bigger needle or whatever...do consider emailing Rob,

and take a look here:http://www.edelbrock.com/motorcycle/index.html

For what its worth i have a 'built' motor and, and my carb is custom bored out, etc. etc. and i still have the 'middle' needle. But then again a 190 main wouldnt work in my bike either....also if its new to you take a look at:


She raced Baja 1000 with a 650R with an Edelbrock carb! I asked her to marry me, but she turned me down and told me all about her boyfriend--the ultimate fighting champ of Sweeden....your women are pretty--but scary! :)

Hey DWD.

I would be glad to give you info about your carb or anything ells that you may need help with. I will try and make a fast suggestion to you right now .

First thing that you should do is check and see where you are with the click settings.All settings are done from full rich "that would be all the way to the right" Then count counter clockwise you should be around 12 to 14 clicks out to start.

The second thing that you should do is set the pump screw 2 1/2 turns out from full in. Too much pump and the bike will bog not enough and it will do the same but when you have to much pump the bike will not have good bottom to mid power and feel slow. If you do not have the side panel open you will not recive the most out of the carb it needs air flow. This is a mod that I strongly recomend to you.

If I was you I would lean the carb clicker untill it felt good up stairs if you have to be out on the clicks say around 25 then you will need to go to the next leaner needle and then have a richer setting. The same goes for the other way if you richen it and it runs better up stairs then go to the next richer needle. This is a fast way to check out what the motor wants. This is the same for any carb not just Edelbrock carbs. Buy the way the carb should come with a 19 or a 17E it depends when you perchased the carb. If you need more help please feel free to call or email me Thanks Rob.

Rob! Thank you for your post! I now know where to start with my accelerator pump adjustment!

I bought my Edelbrock QS carb from you at Barnum's in ~July/Aug of 2003 (has total of 10 hrs on it since, Durn out of country school) and it has an enricher? Is not having one a new style of carb?

Is the version w/out any different otherwise?

Was it removed b/c just wasn't needed?

I installed it straight from the box and it ran great but didn't check the needle installed anyone know which needles came with it and which one installed? (I guess I can check it for myself in 3 weeks when the term ends but just curious)

Durn...I wish I could cut holes in my Airbox panel!! It sounds like so much fun and since I'm finishing school here I will be able to enjoy it! I hate having to limit the potential of something when such a easy, cheap mod like that is available! But with the stream crossings and muddy conditions that my Oinker sees I don't think its a good idea. (gears turning in head) unless I can create a snorkle to come up behind the headlight and face forward like a scoop? Hmm...I got too much time on my hands...I guess I better get back to the books.

Ya'll be good


Hi Rob,

i got it from your store 22/12 2003, so it was a nice christmas present.

didnt install it untill now because of the winter,but i can tell you it itched in my fingers everyday the whole winter.

i looked at the needles that came with the carb and they are 17E and 21E,does that mean that i have the middle one(19E ?) installed?

i have the side panel open for better air flow,

does the 12-14 clicks as you wrote still apply then?

Thanx! :)

the bike is on dynojet right now, they talked something about changing the needle, wich one is leaner and richer?.

is there something they shouldnt do when they change it?

I left my quicksilver as is when I bought it. Once I slipped on a Akrapovic full ti system it was running way too lean. I have the red screw 12 click from full rich and 3rd and 4th gear wheelies are now habit with a hard twist of the wrist, the HRC kit helps also. Happy trials. :thumbsup:

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