Looking for Reed Spacer for 2007 RM250

Been having jetting issues which appear to be leaking vforce3 reeds and have an OEM suzuki reed cage ready to go on.  Unfortunately I do not have the reed spacer (13156-37F00) and no one has one in stock.  Have one on order from motosport but they are now telling a mid september ETA.  Nothing on ebay either (the one that pops up on ebay has the wrong part number, its just a gasket).


Does anyone have one they would be willing to part with?  it's the hard plastic spacer that goes between the reed cage and intake side of the crankcase.  Number 17 in the parts diagram.



Order one for a k3-k6 off rockymtn. In stock. I can't imagine its different. They didnt change carbs did they?

Hey guys thanks for the ideas.  number 17 is what I'm looking for.

SOANZ, It's a bit hard for me to tell but I believe that's it.

WCM250, Checked rockymtn and motosport, neither have them in stock and ETA is mid September.  Looks like they have to be ordered from Japan.


Any idea if one from a YZ250 would fit? 


Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 12.55.34 AM.png

I just looked when I posted for previous years and I am willing to bet nothing was changed. Maybe a mm longer.

You can run it without the spacer,it just hits harder with a softer bottomend.

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