2007 crf450x starter problem


i have got myself a used 2007 crf450x and it was in great shape, only problem was the starter that did not work but i quessed it was a electrical problem and got the bike real cheap so, now have i tryed alot of things but cant get it to crank over, using the kickstarter is no problem, its easy to kick and its start with just one or 2 kicks, even cold.


the only thing that happens when i push the button is that the starter realy flickers furiusly, its not only one click, its like a machinegun but the starter did not turn, i have tryed geting it power straight to it but nothing so today i pull the startermotor and changed the coals in it and tryed it outside of the engien, its turns but i dont think it got power enoght, i beleve that if you have the starter in your hand and give it power it will spinn like crasy and you can feel alot of power twisting ones hand ? my starter do not do that, its turns but its not like it trying to get away and i dont think it spinns that fast, anyway i but it back in the bike as it did spin and try.. same problem, but now with new coals i can hear it spinning some but do not angage the engien, the battery is dropping to like 7-8v vhen i have the starter realy bridged so i can use the bikes battery, fast recovers after i let go of the button, the same when using a starter booster direct to the starter, it just spinns some but not engaging the engien.

im starting to belive that my starter are toast despite new coals, and becuse it do not spins fast enoght it dont engadge some kind of clutch in the engien. or if previus owner manage to put it togheter so its spinns the wrong direction ( dont know if thats posible ) can some one here tell me how mutch power a working starter have, is it posible to hold it without it janking the hand ? mine is like holding a toy electric motor like, when i tryed it befor putting it in the bike i just let it stand on the fotpeg to get grounding and thats was no problem running it that way, im quessing it shuld have alot of power to be able to crank the engien, but i want to be shure before geting a new starter

i have been doing some more checkup on this and discovered that the starter did go the wrong direction, i have turned the magnets 180 degres now so now do it go the right direction and do crank the engien, i have put in a new batteri but still the relay flicker all the time i push the button and the starter do like 1 or 2 cranks then it dont have power to crank the engien, it draws alot of volt when i push the button, the batteri is going from 13v to like 7 and back up when i relise the button, can it be that the starter is broken despite new coals in it and that it did look alright ? or is it that the starter relay flicker so it do not get enoght power ? maybe trying a new relay befor calling the starter broken is cheaper then getting a new starter, anyone here experience a starter relay that flickers, like klicking all the time the button is pushed, i ques it shuld only be one click

Are you sure it is the starter relay making the noise? If it is I would replace the relay. If it does not help then you might look at the starter clutch. I believe you can hear the starter clutch engaging/disengaging on the right side behind the kick starter.  

yes its the relay, when i have my finger on it its vibrates and its making this flickering sound, its like the startclick it shuld make but super fast all the time i have the button pushed , i did just try to shorten the poles at the relay so the starter got power w/o the relay and the engien fired right up , the starter did just needed one crank and it started so the starterclutch is working, but i think that the starter do use alot of power becuse after i have tryed to start it several times it did not have power to start, but on the other hand that might be okey as its a smal batteri and normaly you dont start and turn of several times under a minut so, the relay is cheap so i will try and order one and see if its gets better

I would rip the starter off and have a look... that is obviously your problem. A rebuild kit would probably be a lot cheaper.

i have had it off and have put in new coals so all that is new, the armature looked great, no grovs and was shining, only thing is if its a short in it or something, but it might be as it draws alot of power 

Since you have changed the brushes in the starter and it started right up when you bypassed the relay I agree a new relay might be the fix. Update when you can.

Ok I wasn't exactly sure what you meant by coals. If this has to do with wires I'm leaving. I hate electrical problems.

will order a new relay and see if thats fixes it, cant find one here in sweden so i will have to take one from ebay


Good luck!

7 volts without turning the engine is not good. get a know good battery known good connections.


clicking aside, there is a one way clutch that grabs and actually turns the engine over

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2 hours ago, over rev said:

7 volts without turning the engine is not good. get a know good battery known good connections.


clicking aside, there is a one way clutch that grabs and actually turns the engine over

From the begining the starter was going the wrong direction, that is fixed now so now is it cranking the engien and its starts Easy when i short the poles at the relay, sometimes the Button work to but the relay is flickering, its not one click so i think they relay is busted, the starter is drawing alot of power but it is starting the engien, the batteri is new and of good quality but after a 4 or 5 starts it is alitle tired but i quess thats extreme to do that many starts w/o driving some so,

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