XR600 or XR650L Can I shove a 19" flat track wheel/tire combo in there?

I have been searching for hours now and can't really find a definitive answer or any photos that I can tell what was actually done.

Has anyone ever relaced a stock REAR hub (XR600 or XR650L) to a 19" rim ?   Flat track style.  Ideally would run some Shinko 130/80/19 DOT flat track tires - for a goofy street tracker

Relacing the wheel is easy would just need a rim and new spokes.   I just need to know if it would actually fit.   From Shinko's website, that particular tire measures 27.5" diameter and 7.5" width.

i don't actually have an XR600 in front of me, or I'd measure it.   I looking at an XR600 and a XR650L as well today.  I'll bring one of them home. 


Is there an "end all -be all" thread you could point me to that would show a street tracker made from a 600/650 ?

I don't think a 7.5" wide tire will fit. I'm running a 150/60-17 (5.9" wide) 17x4.25 wheel on my 01 XR650L and there's not much room between the tire and swingarm.




I have 0.274" clearance on the right side.IMG_0969.thumb.JPG.71175374255e4936d9c54dd8dfdc5475.JPG

The left side has 0.259" clearance with no chain slap.IMG_0970.thumb.JPG.cd2bda6493514f803c7e0dd81c565702.JPG


The swingarm tapers at the front (narrower) so a 19" wheel will put the tire into the narrower part of the swingarm vs my 17" wheel.


I've heard of guys running a 160, but they run into trouble with chain slap.



I've got a 160/60-17 on the back with about a 1/4'' clearance on either side. A 130 tire isn't 7 1/2'' wide , it's about 5''.  It'll fit.

I've got a 160/60-17 on the back with about a 1/4'' clearance on either side. A 130 tire isn't 7 1/2'' wide , it's about 5''.  It'll fit.

I missed the 130, I only caught the 7.5" part.
I guess we need him to clarify. A 130mm tire is 5.118".

Around the tread , from edge to edge may me 7 1/2'' but the tire's not that wide.

When I Tarded my first bike I did some searching for tire availability, I decided on the 17x3.5 & 17x4.25 combo because of tires being more available in 120/70-17 & 150/60-17.
So my advice is check tire size availability before purchasing wheels.

I'd put almost anything on besides a Shinko anyway.

i was hoping to make a flat/street track bike with the Shinko 19" flat tract tires as they are DOT legal.  Realistically, the guy I'm building this for won't race it.  He will ride it to the bar or coffee shop and hope that people oooh and aaah over it.  

The Shinko rear flat track tire is a 140/80/19   I know it's gonna be tight.   After talking with Maxxis, they told me I can run 2 fronts with no problem - those are only 130 width.  They also have an article that states that they are successful using thinner rim widths than typical 2.5 and even 2.15 for the front vs the typical 3.0 and 3.5" rim widths.  Pinches the tire to a skinnier width.  I think 2.5" is the skinniest that I'd go with.

So, I think this might just work.  Stay tuned.

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