Ktm two stroke won't start. Help!

My 2014 Ktm 250 xc won't start and I'm stumped. Bike sat for 3 months over the summer. Drained the gas put new gas in. Also put new piston in so it has compression. The bike gets gas because when I lean it over gas comes out and also my spark plug is wet. I get a spark by grounding the spark plug to the head. Air filter is clean, I clean them after every ride. I just don't know at this point. Anyone have any ideas? The kickstart isn't jammed or anything it just won't start.

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You didn't accidentally leave a wash rag or something in the intake? Tried holding the throttle wide open in case it's flooded?

Did you drain the float bowl of old yucky gas?


43 minutes ago, pat22043 said:

Did you drain the float bowl of old yucky gas?


Yes I drained it.

During the rebuild my dad took out the stator (which i have had a problem with before) when I last replaced it the bike wouldnt start when i took it off a bunch of times and put it back on and it started up. My dad tookcit off thinking it would help get the head off. Is there timing that has to match up on the stator and flywheel??? Is that why it wont start?

The stator is adjustable. Look at it and you can usually see where it was bolted down before. 

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