Kreft, Stillwell, Dicks or who do you reccomend for a 17 EXC 500...

I am looking to have my suspension re-done. I weigh 250 lbs. so re-spring is a must. I would like a good tuner that know his way around the Explor suspension set up. I have read so much about bladder, no bladder, Stillwell is great, Stillwell sucks, Kreft is great, Kreft sucks, it seems the more I read the more I get confused. Can someone point me in the right direction? As for now I am leaning Kreft.

I weight 250 as well and simply had my dealer respring the bike with EE springs. Absolute world of difference and the stock valving/dampening works very well with the heavier springs. Unless you plan on doing motocross style events, I don't see sending the suspension off to anyone as anything but a waste of money

Try springs first, they are real easy to change.  Just need the fork cap wrench.




Just do springs first and mess with clickers

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If you have never worked with a quality suspension tuner you are cheating yourself.

2 hours ago, 4strokeridertt said:

If you have never worked with a quality suspension tuner you are cheating yourself.

I have on my sport bikes but not on dirt bikes.

I would order WP springs from and ask Jeff Slavens what spring rate you'll need

WP fork springs are the correct length which is very important (I've got a '15 KTM 500) 

I wouldn't waste your money on revalving until you ride the bike with the correct springs and properly set the sag, obviously

Good Luck

Doing this right now and ordered from Slavens. Just received my fork and shock spring.

The shock is easy to change but you need to get the ktm spanner even then it is a PITA to loosen the shock. Maybe I was doing it wrong but loosening the plastic nut was painfully long and only had space to turn a 1/4" at a time. I would love to know how others gained good access. Tightening should not be a problem. Oddly enough, Slavens sent me 2 spanners even though i ordered one. Same part number on both spanners.  

The forks are very easy as well. I changed the rear shock spring in about 45 minutes last night and did one of the forks as well. The fork only took 20 minutes after they were off. I found that the Slavens videos weren't as good as other videos I found on youtube. HF wrench fit the damper rod without grinding it to make it smaller. 

I was able to do the back spring in less time than the fronts.  I didn't use a spanner, just turned the shock spring and the nut.  Had it loosened in 5 minutes.

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