Hard Anodizing Swing Arm

I have read quite a bit on here about anodizing and cant really seem to come to an understanding of it. I have a 2000 kx 125 I'm currently completely rebuilding. I just scored a new swing arm off eBay because the current one is trashed. I plan to get my frame powder coated black because it's steel. I want to get the swing arm hard anodized black. There are no anodizing shops near me where I live. I called one that does anodizing in Green Bay Wisconsin and they said they woukd be happy to do it if I send it in. They asked me if it's aluminum and told me that is has to be sand blasted and completely stripped of any steel. I have read on here that sometimes if the aluminum is cast it messes up the anodizing process. So my question is, is a stock 2000 kx 125 swing arm cast aluminum? Can you anodized cast aluminum? Other than the chain tension bolts is any other part of the swing arm steel? Will this &%$#@! me and I'll lose 100 bucks on the swing arm I just bought? Please let me know if you have any experience with this stuff.

It is both, cast and sheet, welded together. It will probably not anodize with an even color (range from black to a sort of dark brown). Hard clear anodizing does work though. Stock parts are often clear anodized to prevent corrosion stains.

When anodizing something the only things that can be in the acid solution are something made out of aluminum or lead. Then the object is charged with electricity. The process is called electroplating. You clear anodize it first then soak it in a dye tank for the color then you have to put the anodized piece in a big pot of boiling water for an hour to set the color. So for a swingarm you would need large tanks to get full coverage. The most important thing to remember is prep is everything. The finish of the object before the process will be the finish when done. A sandblasted finish will come out with a mat finish. If it is shiny and polished before the process it will come out shiny.

Cerakote service in your area?

If its color you are after, anodizing is not the best way to go.  Different surface finishes etc will yield slightly different color results.  Powder coat will be your best bet.

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