MX is everything I remember it being and oh so much more!!

Cool thread! MX is one thing I've never done but would love to try. I'm a little hesitant as I'm 47 now and a grandpa and all. Started riding at 35y/o after 15 years away from bikes thanks to a bad accident on the street. I've ridden trails and woods... started flattrack racing when I was 37... tried a few Hare Scrambles in the last couple of years... but MX is one of those things that just makes me pucker up! Went to a practice day for the Best Of Kansas (MX, TT, and Hare Scramble) and just tried to ride the mx track and just struggled so I decided to get off the track and let them kids that were flying over my head have the track. I was on a heavy plush-suspension woods bike that day... maybe now that I have a better bike for mx I'll give it another try. My crf490 flattracker came with mx suspension and wheels, but I've never put them on!

Thanks for the inspiring story

10 hours ago, GoneDirtBikeN said:

Imagine the strange looks I get when I tell people (usually other older guys at the track) that I started at 54 a little more than 1.5 years ago, doing MX and racing in the OTHG (a gentler version of MX racing I will admit). They usually say "ya, but you rode trail right?". Me, "nope, it was the first time I put my leg over a dirt bike; I don't like trail, it scares me. Trees jump out at you. Rocks come out of the ground from nowhere. People riding the wrong direction around blind bends. I'm sticking to track". Them, the odd look I get intensifies a bit and then they ask "what made you decide to do this so late in life" - I just got politely called old! Me, "It looked like fun so I decided to do it".

Also, it was my reward to me for getting back into decent shape. The typical story of gain weight in my later years. In the course of a year I went from being in the "obese" category, to just barely inside the "normal" weight range. I worked my back side off to do that. After that i figured I earned the right to go out and buy a dirt bike. Recently, I put a few pounds back on and need to get them back off.

As a late bloomer in MX, I'm not fast by any stretch of the imagination. But I have put in the work to get my skill level up. The best advice I got some time back from a really good rider at the track I frequent the most - "Your a good rider, stop falling". I took that to heart and MX has been a whole lot more rewarding since. I'm not saying I never go down, but I try my best to push the limits without getting out of control. The days I go home feeling that I made some small improvement but didn't go down at all nor stalled the bike, those are the best. Watch some of the fast younger kids - they never fall - me thinks they are pretty smart kids.

I'm old, so "what was this thread about anyways"... LoL

Is pretty awesome that you pick it up late and track only I like that.  I thought I started late at 17 lol never went to practice or nothing right to racing but had a great mentor.  He use to tell me "If you're not falling you're not pushing it"  I crashed alot as a novice

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