In your opinions, is it easier to SELL a trail bike or a race bike?

Which is easier to dump after a year? A TTR230 or YZ250f? (or any similar comparison). How about MX vs. Off-road (205x or 250r)? 

 It varies alot by bike. My yz450 was slow to sell. Crf250r was ok. Yz and cr 250 went FAST! 

Largely depends on the model and location(demand).

IMO id say a trail bike is generally easier to sell. I only say that because trail bikes are generally less abused, and have more original parts than a mx bike. More original parts = more reliable.

Trail bikes easily. Inexpensive to buy used and always a market for selling one.

Anything orange.

I sold a nice 07 yz250f in one day for a fair price in Houston area.  Mainly because they are  awesome bikes. But also because the bike was a one owner low hours in great shape. 

Two strokes are faster to sell. The 230 bike is listed/sold often because they typically are learner or transition bike or ones that guys buy to get their wife/daughter to get into the dirt. Many are low hour and sold for cheap because so many are available after the intended rider declares that they're not interested in dirt biking.

The YZ250F is known to be a reliable bike "for a 250F" so it sells well too. I have a KX250F now and I'm sure it will be quite difficult to sell (at a price that minimizes my loss) because Kaw/Suz just have less interested buyers than Yam/Hon. 


Bike, car, sofa, pig if it is priced fairly will sell. No such thing as easier or harder to sell unless it is an item with little or no market.

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trail bikes and 2 strokes

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