Countershaft seal

I have a 2004 yz250f, the countershaft seal is leaking pretty good. Can I change it without taking the motor out?

Absolutely. Remove the front sprock. Drill a very small hole in the outer metal part of the seal. Careful not to drill into the case. Insert a small sheet metal screw. Yank the seal out by the screw. You can use a slide hammer or just clamp on a pair of vice grips. Shouldn't be a hard job. Just be careful not to drill your case!

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Good news! I was worried I'd have to split the case. Now I just gotta wait for the seal kit to get here. That collar don't wanna come off either but I haven't tried to hard yet.

There is a collar on the shaft that the seal rides on. Check the collar too as they tend to groove and may need to be replaced. Might be an o-ring in the mix too. Either way easy repair.

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The collar and oring come with most seal kits.

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Thanks guys, the seal kit should be here this week. Got the collar off tonight and it seems to be in rough shape. My girlfriend rides this bike so I'm not in a real big rush


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