250f vs 450f

I am 15 6 foot and 150 and am thinking about starting dirt bikes instead of quads. I have a raptor 700 right now and have had it for about a year. I have had a few dirt bikes a 125 2 stroke and I have a 125 4 stroke just to mess around on now. Never road either of these bikes but if I pick the 250f/r will it have enough power cause I don't wanna downgrade on power from my 700.

Get the 250 , the 450 will be a monster for you.

I agree. Get the 250f/r. It will have enough power but still be manageable. This will make it easier to ride and ride well as opposed to just trying to hang on. I race a 2015 crf250r in a class with 450f's and 250 2 strokes and can maneuver my bike easier than most other riders in the class.
Learn to ride the 250 and you will have a great time riding and be a better rider for it.

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