2006 crf250r cam identification

Does any one know how to identify the difference between a stock 2006 crf250r cam and a hotcams model cam because I bought this bike with the belief that it had a hotcams stage 2 in it but I can't tell the difference between the two by looking at mine and pictures, they look like they have the same sprocket design and I can't see any numbers on mine. There is a lil hole in the farthest from the sprocket intake lobe. I don't have a bike to compare performance to either.

You could probably tell by measuring the lobes at the longest point, hotcams has that info available on their website.

If you have the cam out maybe posting a pic would help.

I think I know of another website that has some but not all, of the stock honda cam lobe dimensions listed also. But first you need to measure yours.

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