Do pilot and main jets have same thread size?

I'm going to check out a DRZ400S in a bit. The seller said he had a carb issue which was resolved. he elaborated:

" I made a silly mistake when cleaning the carb. The starter and main jet are both the same thread size, I had them reversed so it would die when given 1/8th throttle. I swapped them and it runs fine now. I didn't notice it before because it was not ridden after I cleaned it. Took me over a week to figure it out."

Does this sound honest and accurate?

Pilot and main jets do not have the same thread.  Starter and main jets do.  Yes the seller's statement sounds true and accurate.

(pilot jet is not the same thing as a starter jet). Starter jet is only in play when the choke is activated for starting enrichment.

That issue happened to 2 members here just this week. It's a fairly common mistake to make on the factory carb.


funny, he told me he posted to TT asking about that issue when I met with him. well, looks like I'm a first-time drz owner now!

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