Triple clamps?

What triple clamps out there move the bars forward and maybe tallerf or more room, I am 6ft and will probably want more room.

I'm 6' also and I bought Tag's. I love 'em. They have an adjustment range of up to 25mm(1") forward, and something like -3mm behind stock. I got the gunmetal gray colored model and have been using it for 4 years now and it has held up superbly. I can't remember how tall they are, but they are taller than stock. I only wish the front numberplate mounting hole was easier to get to, that should have been engineered a little better.

Stock 250 f clamps move the bars way forward. I don't remember what the guy at Scotts told me exactly, but it is 13mm to 26 mm depending on the year of the 426. The stock 250 clamp should be easy to find around here (tt).

I have the Tag's as well, and I found them to work great. I actually had a reduction in arm pump, possibly less vibration as well as better riding position.

Are the tags ruber mounted?

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