Tusk compact control switch wiring

Not sure where to post this but maybe someone here has experience with it. Im not getting power out of the headlight switch on low or high beam .


I have it it plugged into the harness that came with the tusk dual sport light kit, bike is a crf450x, I have everything else working  

There is is a black wire  labeled "headlight main" . I'm wondering if that is supposed to be a ground or power? 


testing with my multi meter, black on meter to black " headlight main" and power on meter on either headlight wire I Get nothing. 


There is three wires separate from the connector on the switch.  to me it looks like all three go out to the headlight. Black ground, other two for low and hi beam but obviously I'm overlooking something. 


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Headlight power (is supposed to) come in on the black wire and goes out to the other two. Be sure the third connection on the bulb is a ground.

I went out and Hooked it up like you said and it works great. Thank you, appreciate it. 


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