Speedo swap

My 2015 crf250L doesnt have the factory tach like the 2017 model. I dont want to add an aftermarket tach. Has anyone heard of swapping a 2015 speedo for a 2017? Thanks.

It would be nice having a tach, no one here has done that to my knowledge thgough.

if all is the same, it should swap but you would need to run your RPM lead from coil to the slot in the connector, again assuming all is the same! I amy be wrong but...

The CBR300R cluster has a tach and is completely electrically compatible with the CRF250L. (I don't know about the mounting solution though)

does the '15 actually have the engine side of the gear for a tach? to my knowledge it doesn't. I'd imagine the 17 (or the CBR300R cluster) isn't just a wire wrapped around the spark plug like a trailtech. I'd guess it would be it's own rev sensor somewhere else on the bike giving a signal to the ECU. I can't see a reason for them to build the '15 with all the sensors required to get RPMs and NOT putting some kind of tach on the bike.

Well remember the engine originally came from the CBR250R, which I assume has a tach since the 300 does. I could be wrong. It doesn't look like they significantly re-engineered anything when they built a dirt bike around the same engine, so it wouldn't surprise me if it had all the stuff for a tach inside. Easier to just leave it there than go through all the paperwork and diagramming and bill of materials stuff required to change it.

The CBR300R definitely did not have a wire wrapped around the spark plug lead.

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I'll try and get a photo of the connectors on the back of my 17 speedo at the weekend.

theoretically the 250r has a tach based on pics of the dash. I'd have to hook up my ODB2 and go through torque to see what happens









If someone could get hold of a wiring diagram for a 2017 that would be useful.

Can't speak about the 2017 non abs model, not available in the UK. 

I don't know how many wires the pre 2017 has. But the 2017 abs model should have at least 3 extra wires. 

ABS warning light 

ABS rear disable notification light 

Rev counter 

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Thanks for the info Garth.

Thanks for the valuable information Garth. Great work. I will try to find that wiring diagram and figure out if I could wrap the coil and connect to that rpm wire.

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