Weird issue with clutch

A friend brought his 07 KX450F over for me to look at as the clutch lever just went limp all of a sudden. It was fine one minute and the next it did nothing. Felt as if the cable had broken. Upon inspection, I could see the cable was still connected and appeared to be newer. It acted as if the cable had stretched 1/2". I pulled the clutch out to look it over, pulled the actuator rod and the lever. All looked fine. Put it back together, adjusted the cable and all seemed good. He picked it up and got home, rode it around the yard a bit and boom. Did it again.

Any ideas? This doesn't make sense to me.


mechanically broken somewhere... is the little lever arm on the right side stripped and slipping on the verticle shaft that goes down in the case? at the bottom of that shaft in the left case it should have an eccentric on it( i think) that actually pushes on the pushrod... my bet is this external connection is broken and slipping... 

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