Kdx 200 wont go

Today i was riding my kdx 200 around my yard. I wasnt on the gas or riding hard really at all. I was in 1st gear and gave it some gas, it hit the powerband and pulled forward a little bit and then just stopped. The engine was still running, it was still in gear, but it wouldnt move. Not an inch. Bike still runs great, no loss of compression, powervalve is fine. So why wont my bike go? It will go into gear but when i left off the clutch it wont move. Is my clutch bad?Any help is greatly appreciated. PLEASE HELP

Something broke. Pull the right side engine cover and track it down.

the chain came off ? :goofy:

No the chain didnt come off thats the first thing i checked.

I know this is really old bit the problem was my mainshaft stripped out, had to split the cases and replace it

They seem to do that.  It helps if you use some silicone sealant to keep water and grit out of the splines.  Clean it up real good and put some goop on it.

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