GTYR Competition Kit: does it work yet?

U was reading a review of the 2016 WR250f that mentioned the the GTYR Competition Kit made the headlights and e-start not work on the bike. Is this still the case, of can you plug this in and still have a fully functional bike?

Not true, as I have a 2016 WR250F with the GYT-R competition Kit installed.

The bike functions just fine.

I'd be curious to read this stuff you refer to.

Got a link to a story?

The only thing I read that was close to what you say was an article where Dirt Bike Test (an Internet magazine) tried using the ECU (just the ECU) from a YZ on the WR, resulting in a malfunction.

I have a 2017 WR250F.. I purchased the Competition Kit and the tuner when I got the bike from the dealer.  If you buy the GYTR Competition Kit for a WR250F then the lights and everything will work when you swap that module out. If you try to use a YZ250FX Completion kit in a WR250F bike.. it will still work but...that's where the headlight issue comes up...obviously the FX's don't have a head light.... the ECU controls more that just the FI and IG on these bikes....



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