Need Help!! KTM VS HUSABERG 300

Going to start this off by saying that I am looking for a 300 2 stroke. But I am stuck, as some of you know 2010+ ktm's are still not cheap. There is a 2012 Husaberg up for sale and I tried to do some research but could hardly find anything information about the te300. If anyone can tell me the differences between a 2010+ ktm's and 2012 Husaberg that would be a huge help. Another problem I might have is finding parts for a Husaberg in Victoria, Aus. There is a ktm dealer about 20km away from me but nothing about Husaberg (I know they are under a different name now)


Any help would be great

Cheers Anthony 


KTM bought Husaberg and began producing the TE300 but called it a Husaberg. It's a KTM except the plastics and color motif. All KTM motor and chassis parts fit. 

As said above. They are an identical bike except for the suspension I believe. You will be able to replace every part with ktm 100%. They were actually up spac'd from the ktm but no body really bought them hence why they folded and then used the exact same design (2013 onwards) re branded as husqvarna. It's all marketing. Get the berg cheaper and be very happy

subframe is composite on the husaberg and plastics are different. tank might be different as well. not sure basically the same. when husaberg turned into husqvarna they went from PDS to link rear suspension. otherwise a 13 berg and a 14-16 husky is basically identical 

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