Throttle Question

Is there any way to get a quicker turning throttle on my BRP? I have to "choke up" on the grip to get full throttle, which makes it difficult to back off quickly if the need arises. I might add that I am in the procees of adding an Edelbrock although I've ridden a 650 so equipped and I don't think it will make a difference. Thanks in advance for the input.



yes there is a way, install whats called a "quarter throttle" its what the new CRF bikes have, the one thing to watch out for is that you are familiar with operating it because you will be able to feel each little turn of it. -Matt

Hey Wardo-

I just got the Baja 500 application from SCORE...

Should i fax you a copy??????!



Now that I am an official SCORE member, they promptly sent me an entry... but thanks for thinking of me. I'll send you an e-mail soon with an update.


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