I just saw the three dumbest people alive

Must have been having their quad bikes serviced... Just joking :D:):D

Notice they were riding Honda motorcycles... JUSt joking :D:D:D (I used to have a CR250)

Makes you wonder, and yet seriously, if YOU saw these people, then YOUR non-dirt-biking neighbours saw these people, so next time you load up your bike at home, you will be guilty by assocation... in their eyes... and if they did get stuck and wasted the rescue service's time, then the newspapers and whoever else sees them will also just be more than happy to have the stereotype reinforced.

A slack thing to do, but perhaps you should have just shot them as they went past... LOL save them from the embarrassment... LOL


i was going to shoot them but couldn't get a clear shot through the trees in the front yard. :)

You Lie! I've been working in Connecticut for a couple of weeks now, and I have yet to see any mountains(or even hills!). Are you sure you weren't halucinating? Or perhaps a flashback to your younger years?

its the damn fumes from the race gas. :)

Its really a mountain. The highest elevation is only 1126 feet. Its steep as hell so it seems vey tall. The actual name is Compounce Mounatin. The locals call it southington mountain or the mountain.

IF they come back home that way, get the dogs onto them... that should test out the old XR... LOL

heres a follow up for ya:

The guy without the helmet on has been identified (by a friend on a DR who saw him on the trail) as the idiot who lives a few streets down. And now for the funny part. He usually rides a Blaster but just bought that old XR. He dosent wear a helmet on the quad either. The other two were rich kids. Those sob rich kids have really been pissin everyone off lately. 10 pm and flying wide open down the road. We're not sure who it is yet. Its just a matter of time before one of em wraps a bike or quad around a pole or slams into a car.

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That would be a shame if someone layed, say some cynder blocks painted black in the middle of the road....

Ooops! Did I say that??? :):D:D

About 15 minutes ago i was sitting on the couch watching TV. I heard the distinct rumble of an XR. I got up and looked out the window and saw the three dumbest people alive. The first two were on later model bikes and the third was on an 86. Now for the scary part. The first two were wearing shorts, a sweatshirt, tenis shoes, and cheapo helmets with bolt on visors. The third was wearing the same thing except had no helmet but a baseball cap. To top this off its been raining all day and they are riding on pavement. A few minutes after this my friend up the road called up and said "Hey, did you see those idiots going up the road, they headed up the mountain". The mountain (Southington mountain) is the rockiest bunch of trails i have ever riden on. When its wet there is no traction at all.

I'm waiting for the sound of sirens and a phone call asking if id like to help in a search and rescue.

Stupid people should not own motorcycles.

Sometimes natural selection takes a while, be patient..

That's BAD but listen to this.

I have a neighbor that works on all sorts of mc's in his spare time for xtra $$$.

He has a boy about the same age as my son. (now4)But when all this started to be noticed by me he was about 2.

I was at my other neighbors drinking a couple of adult beverages and hear this screaming bike coming down the street. We look up and see this <Font color=red><h3>IDIOT</h3> doing a wheelie on an old FZR1000 down our street! We live in a very quiet, new neighborhood. As he went by us (probably thinking we THINK he is COOL) we realized not only was he doing a wheelie and probably doing 50mph in a 25 that should be 15mph, BUT he had his little boy on in front of him!!!!!!!! :)

Not to the bad part YET!

This is the BAD part !.......Dad (so called parent)(white trash scumbag)Did NOT have a helmet on and worse yet NEITHER did the little boy! :D

Natural selection is great but not for those 2yr olds that don't have a choice.! :D

MY little boy knows he doesn't even touch his bicycle/scooter/skateboard/Yamaha UNTIL......the lid is on the SKULL!! He is even smart enuf to know the consiquences and he is only 4!

My little girl (who is a Mcylce FREAK) is not even 2yrs old yet(18mo's) and She has already figured out that if she wants a ride , she points to the helmet hanging on the wall. If she wants to be pushed on her trike she knows that she has to have her LID on!

I have even gotten all of the kids in the culdesac to start riding with LIDS cuz' they are <font color=red><h2>COOL</h2>!!! :D

I agree with the helmet deal for sure. I do have an "issue" with a statment made here though. 1126 feet does not a mountain make. Its a hill, a big hill, but a hill none the more. LOL, pikes peak is a mountain, they call it the hill. Too funny.

Sirthump is right. Natural selection will remedy your situation. I see it all the time. J. Tucker, Deputy Coroner.

the noise is not the problem but the stupid people are. I dont mind the sound of a loud bike (i love it!). My neighbors got used to it after jetting my ported cr 125 in the back yard. My road is heavily used by myself, my family, and everyone else in the town, to get to the trails (notice i didnt say mountain :) ). We stay close to the speed limit (sort of :D ) until we get to the fire roads. The problem is these Aholes doing 50 to 75 around the blind sweeping corner. If someone gets hit they will be killed on impact.

speaking of stupid(sorry, i was surfing the topics) sunday, we went to a run here in WA and saw the damndest thing, it was an old IT175 or something old and ROUGH, on a trailer, towed by a ferrari. no **** . we couldnt figure it out either, but its a no ****ter

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