I'm looking at getting back into dirt bikes after a 25 year hiatus.  I only have one other good friend who rides so I'm sure there will be days that if I want to ride I'll head up to Anthracite by myself.  Is that nuts ?  




I never ride RAC alone. I know of folks who ride AOAA alone, but I don't think its a good idea.

Why not just connect thru the meet-up thread: 


Probably not a good idea.   But if you do, I'd get a SPOT device and make sure someone knows that your off ridding.


I ride alone all the time.  I am not a real risky rider.  Having someone along would be better but I don't normally have that option.  

I've done it several times. Try not to do anything too stupid. Well that's what I tell myself on the drive up.......

I ride alone quite a bit on local-ish trails. I make sure the family knows where I am and keep my phone charged and protected. For longer trips I need to get a SPOT device. Aside from getting injured, breaking down is a concern too..

Nothing wrong with riding alone...just know your limits and ride with in them...

2 hours ago, Monk said:

Nothing wrong with riding alone...just know your limits and ride with in them...

I can agree with this. Just for me, my limits are pretty low. So having someone with me to help pick up the bike or call for help lets me ride more.

I hear you guys.  Its not optimal or the most fun, but my life is really busy.  My opportunities are often hard to plan in advance.  The only way getting back into this makes any sense is if I'm willing to throw my bike in the truck and head out by myself on occasion.  I'll try to do some meet ups and I do have a buddy that likes to ride but his life is as crazy as mine.  


I was getting concerned that some of these places wouldn't allow it.  I think at AOAA its a rule that you have to be with a group.  Ughhhh


Now to decide on a bike.  Dual sport or straight trail.  




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straight trail, no doubt.


I ride by myself quite a bit. I'm super careful and stay within my limits. A friend just told me about an idea. I got 25' of 6 mm rope with carabiners to make a 3 pulley system. I also carry a SPOT locator and let people know my plans. And, usually, I ride in more populated areas in case something like this happens. Two guys on horseback eventually came by and helped pull me out.20170805_122736.jpg

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Thanks guys - looks like I'm gonna take the leap and buy a bike.  CRF250F or Beta Xtrainer.  Leaning CRF - I like 4 broke and bullet proof.  

I ride alone more than I ride with others for  the same reasons as you. Time is very limited. When you go down, and you will, you will get very tired due to not having anyone else to help.  You just have to know your limits and manage your energy more effeciently 

As for the bike you have to decide what fits within your budget and what type of riding you are going to be doing. I'm not sure I would drop big bucks on a boutique bike like a Beta until you figure that all out. There are many good used bikes out there to experiment with. Try to ride as many of your buddies bikes as possible before you decide. If it's going to be 80% road and 20% dirt you may consider the dual sport. If it's going to be trailer it to the trails then possibly a woods bike. 

The decision is yours and you need to make the decision without the influence of forums. It has to be what fits for you.

1 hour ago, SLVR993 said:

  CRF250F or Beta Xtrainer.  Leaning CRF - I like 4 broke and bullet proof.  

Beta is better. Seriously, its a very nice bike. Wonderful engine.


You can't get much more bullet proof then a reliable 2 stroke. Cost of maintenance is cheaper. Rebuild is a breeze. Can lug the thing to where a 4 stroke would just stall. I can only talk about my experience, I ride a rm250 that I switch pipes when I ride mx and trails. My brother has a crf450 and cousin ride is and yz 250f. I laugh when we get on technical trails because I just lug right over stuff while my family wastes their energy kick starting the bikes from stalling. My dad on the other hand rides a kdx 200 and that thing can practically walk over anything with out stalling. Wonderful trail bike. So I am biased towards 2 strokes.

My standard suggestion to someone new to bikes (or even just new to dirt bikes) is find a nice, clean used Japanese bike for say $2000, ride it a year. You will learn a bunch, including (1) do you like riding in the dirt and (2) what kind of riding do you like. You can then sell the used bike, often for nearly what you paid for it, and buy a bike knowing what you want. What you want is much more important than what someone else thinks is important. If you can sell the used bike for $1500, you learned a ton for $500.

Be careful, most euro-specialty bikes that are priced at $2000 are beat to death and probably only worth $500.
But you can't go wrong with something like a Honda CRF230F or a KDX Kawasaki

Pat - Thats sage advice indeed.  I, however don't have the patience or the time to chase a used bike.  I like the 230F - very hard to find a good used one within a 100 miles and at any reasonable discount from new.   Itchy to pick a bike and ride now that the weather is cooling off - hopefully catch up with you guys at RAC



2 hours ago, SLVR993 said:

 I like the 230F 

I'm pretty sure that Bud at Matto's Cycle has a 230F in stock. With Matto's you have the added benefit that you can get to RAC land just by riding the trail behind the shop.

depending on your stature a honda xr250 or 400 is reliable as can be.


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