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DR650 gas mileage seems to have got worse

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Hi all, about 18 months ago I bought a used 2009 DR650 and did some fixes to it including a Dynojet stage 2 jet kit. With my Clarke gas tank I was getting about 280 km (175 miles) range before I had to switch to reserve. Bueno.

I just checked my gas range again last week and I got about 220 km (135 miles) before switching to reserve. No bueno!

The tank holds 3.7 gallons, or about 14 litres. I should be getting about 280 km range, right?

I should have been checking my range a little more frequently I guess. Just trying to think of things that have changed recently on the bike:

  • Added a Scottoiler which is connected to the vacuum port on the carburetor
  • Had the valves clearances set by a local shop. I did them myself when I first got the bike but I set them too loose

Can't think of anything else other than regular oil changes and cleaning the air filter.

Anyone have suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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I'm not sure if valve clearance or the Scottoiler could affect mileage (kilometreage? ;) ), but driving style definitely can. Higher idle, more revving, etc. could explain a little variation in consumption. Also when you switch to reserve isn't an exact science - I'd monitor exactly how much gas you use at the tank, then track mileage, then compare to how much you actually put in the tank.

Just a few thoughts to throw out there! Either way you got me beat on my stock tank, lol. Mostly offroad riding for me and it guzzles fuel!

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inlet valve & slide guide o-rings could be deteriorated.

order all the carb rubber (in viton), jet needle, needle jet & slide guide.

next time your down for anything, overhaul the carb.

my BST33SS got the treatment, went from mid 50s to mid 60s mpg & is nice & responsive

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