tomorrow is unadilla day

and im hoping to see Martin Davalos back on the Box...

Hoping RED and BBA come back to the fold. Hope shite gets interesting tomorrow.

Who's going??

I AM!!!

I went in '14. Really cool place and venue, especially for someone like me coming from Socal. Wish I could go enjoy yourself:thumbsup:

15 hours ago, portlandcsc said:

Hoping RED and BBA come back to the fold. Hope shite gets interesting tomorrow.

BBA is pouting.  I'm still around, just took the week off since MX took the week off.  Plus things are ramping up at work.  

Missed you haha

winning by 4:1 lol

2 hours ago, mog said:

Missed you haha

Getting my shit pushed in by Wes and Red by 4:1 lol

Yes you did.  I fixed your signature.

Pretty much win every battle by a convincing margin , but your right Charlie lol

winning by 4:1 lol

I was there. Got to see the first couple motos before the weather took a turn for the worse. Webb was looking good out there, not sure what the deal was with tomac. 

Used to go every year......I've gotten lazier in my old age.....and after watching it on the tube last night quite glad that I skipped it this year.....!

Never been that soaked in my was great

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I hear they called the race cuz of the rain? say it aint so?

Nope, they finished the race. Cut the time and laps down but still had a 2nd moto. True mud race for sure.

first 450moto was red flaged due to lightning. By the time it all cleared and racing got underway again they decided to shorten the motos to 20 min+. Not sure why motos shortened but it was getting late in the day and the thret of another storm or getting dark may have been the reasons.

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