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FMF PC4 slip on question

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Simple question for anyone with previous FMF+2006R experience.  I did a search and turned up squat.  My 450R 06 has fmf pc4 slip on.  However there is about .250" gap between the end of the slip on and the clamp sleeve thats welded to the head pipe.  I just swapped the subframe as prev owner had installed an 05 and there was no place to mount the midpipe mount.  Had .750" gap before, now down to .250" with the 06 subframe.  Seat fits better too...  Am I missing something about the exhaust mounting or are they just cut too damn short from fmf? 

Also had a buddy measure his head pipe (2007 450r) with dial calipers and I measured mine and came out about 1/8" more OD on mine.  Its deffo not a mega bomb and looks very factory with the heat shield and all so guessing its factory.  Any ideas?

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