Beta 300rr Flexx Bar Fitting Tip

I recently fitted my 300rr with Flexx bars and noticed the brake line fitting would rub on the bars.  I was pretty limited in what position I could run my master cylinder.  I did a search on here and found that some people had tweaked the brake line fitting.  Before I ever had a chance to try that I noticed I was getting a very slow leak around the banjo bolt which I assume was from the fitting being pressed up against the bars.  

I ordered a Core brake line off ebay (listed for 2015 300rr).  The fitting on this brake line is bent a little differently and provides much more clearance.  The line is also custom made to order so you get to choose the color of the different parts of it for a little extra bling.    



Nice tip I tweaked mine but I like your deal much better


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