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1984 TX510 questions!

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So this bike is all original including tires. Been in the family since new. No one ever really rode it. Sat mostly. Now I got my hands on it. I've had it running but it's a bear to kick over and is poreing gas out the air filter. I've had the carb apart and cleaned. The floats are not stuck and do not hold gas. Found the float needle valve is broke. The rubber tip broke off in the sleeve.  My question is does anyone know what exact size the needle valve is and where can I buy a new one here in the U.S.? Or any info on this carb or where to get a complete rebuild kit. Anything will help. It is the dellorto phm 40. At least that's wat it says on the side. Also could use a front fender for it since mine is dry rotted and broke. Thanks


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