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Ophir Utah Ride

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I have been up to Ophir several times over the years and always wondered what was up there to ride. 

Today I decided to find out. 

Looking at the maps, there are a handful of trails and the first trail I planned on taking would lead to a spring, but the trail was just too rough to ride alone. So I opted to take a 7 mile loop instead that starts just above town.

The majority of the trail is pretty easy going with a few smaller rocks to hop and several overlooks to enjoy, but the last couple miles really kicked my butt. As the trail drops down the west side of the mountain, it turns into nothing but rocks and washed out trails with little washes down the road that'd easily throw you off your bike. 

Im not a super skilled rider and I'm sure that many more skilled riders would deal with the rocks and get down fast. But it took me a while to get down. 

Before I dropped down, I strung up the hammock and cooked up a little meal, and enjoyed a little nap  it was great!

I was sweaty, stinky, and tired. But it was fun!

I would probably recommend this trail for someone a little more experienced than myself, but I made it so I guess it could've been worse huh?







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