Vintage Bikes on MI trails

Anyone ride old, I mean 79 and back, like XL's, SL's, and all the old 2T moto-type bikes from back then on the Michigan trails for FUN?  After I sold my XR250 I considered getting a new bike and lately have been looking at a very tame 1977 XL just to have some fun.  It would fit perfect in my other interest of restoring Maicos for vintage MX.  Just curious if there are other riders doing this.


Yeah, that Can-Am is more of a collector piece and a MX track bike at that (if someone wants to race it and get it dinged up).  There are a few trail type bikes for sale that would be better suited.  I personally would not pay that price.  You can find bikes for a lot less and spend the other 3500 dollars finding parts.  Although the restoration is not for everyone.  


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Saw an old PE250 out at Tomahawk yesterday.

The "pure enduro" 2 stroke!  Yeah that's older.

I saw 2 late 70's yz490s over memorial day. Not sure what year it is but my dad rides around on an old IT250

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