New LTZ400 FI owner rear shock spring question

I just recently aquired a super clean and well optioned 09 LTZ 400 and I have been dialing in the chassis settings every ride. So far I have adjusted the hand controls and bar position to my liking, and have been dropping the tire pressures on the Razr2 down every ride. I started at 7 lbs front and rear and am down to 4.5 front and 4 rear. I think I am gonna go to 4 front and 3.5 rear on the Hiper Beadlocks.

The rear shock spring seems to ride super high, and seems really harsh even for me at 240lbs. I am gonna remove the shock cover and loosen preload all the way and tinker with compression settings more.


My question is, What is the stock srping rate, and is there a much softer spring I can use on this shock body? It needs more sag, and a softer rate. I still ride sport quads, but I am almost 40 and still want some comfort. I dont jump, just aggressive trails and dirt roads. I would like to get the swingarm much closer to being level when I am on the quad. The Z seems to be really steep from the factory.

Wow, This place just doesnt have any activity anymore does it....

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