Has anyone cut their stock bars down on a 2017 300rr for tight trails? If so how much did you take off and still have room for all the controls to still fit and use aluminum hand guards too?

Just go small and cut a little yourself and feel how it is . I didn't cut my stock bars and I right very tight trails. .. but just try cutting a 1/4 on each side.. feel it then if it feels right maybe another 1/4 inch off each side. There's no going back. I rode for years with narrow bars like as narrow as 28 " . I tried just riding with stock wider bars again and I'm not going back to narrow. I lose the better leverage of wider bars. But to each their own. I'd say just cut so you narrow your bars by only a half inch total to start.

IMO, cutting your bars should have to do more with body mechanics rather than trail clearance. I ride some tight, but would never even think of cutting my bars, as I have pretty wide shoulders and long arms...and in turn a pretty wide grip. An old tip for bar width is to get into push-up position and measure how far apart your hands are.

I cut 5/8th's off each end and controls and handguards fit just fine. 

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