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U Can Use the Cheap Chinese Twist Throttle and Cable!

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So you bought one of the cheap aftermarket Chinese grips, twist throttle and cable off of eBay for only $15??

Only to discover the throttle cable does not have the nob end that screws onto the Mikuni carb!

Then u discover the factory or factory replacement cable won't work on your brand new Chinese twist throttle!

Here goes:

1. Cut your old throttle cable off of the bent section of the nob piece. You won't be able to pull the cable end out or even use heat, just won't work.

2. Take your trusty angle grinder, or Dremel or even a hack saw and cut just enough of the tube end to get that old cable end gone.

3. Grab your 7/32's bit and hog out that old tube. Plenty of metal there to work with. The new cable end is 6.5/32's, so a little extra room with that 7/32 bit.

4. Little dab of epoxy into the gap, very little dab, don't want that running down to your cable. 

5. Slide the boot down and now your are all set to put the new cable into the throttle slide in the carb!






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