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FE350S Rants and Raves

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I'm interested in hearing what people like or don't like, what should be changed, or just some tips on the bike. 

I'm very close to making a deal on a used 2015 FE350 S. It's had the European mapping done, kickstarter added, and a few other mods. 2200 kms on the clock (1367 miles for the US people) and well maintained by the local Husqvarna mechanic. The owner and the mechanic are both friends and he has told his mechanic to "just set it up the way you set up yours". I am assuming it's going to be well looked after and nicely sorted out. 

I'm coming off an 09 Beta 450RR that I had dialed in nicely, rebuilt over the winter and could do singletrack in the mountains of British Columbia or Baja riding without even needing to change the gearing. I came to the realization that I wanted a Husky 350 after taking my buddies 350FX for a ride. That bike had a Recluse and the traction control and I could not seem to get it stuck on even the steepest, muddiest hills that my big Beta wouldn't make it up. I know it won't quite meet the same level that the FX was, but I do hope it's a going to be an improvement over my last ride.

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